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Monday, December 5, 2011


so the story begins with smile. before u read, u must smile. :)
then, it follows with the tooth smiling. :D

so now is the story, it would be very uncomfortable when there is someone out there who you dont really like, and they keep coming to u. right? im sure u would feel the same? unfortunately, i am the trouble maker. damn~

i used to think that in order to win someone heart, i have to show my effort. how much i need her to be with me. yeah, that is what i used to think. and in the end, i over do it and everything has come to me. erghh~~

i can said that i almost done everything for her. i've changed because of her. i've moved on with my past because of her. which is good for me lah.. but however, now i felt in different way. hmmmphhmmmmm~~

whats the point of changing if it is not because of my will? how long does it last? how bad the changes would be? please GOD,, answer me..

I've told myself that she would be the one for me, and when i realize, i think, i just become one of her slaves.. damn~~ u can imagine how terrible i felt right now..

just for comfort,, i have to believe that one day, she will realize how much i sincerely for her. at least i did my super best for her.. just pray for her happiness and good luck in life.

thats all i can say now.. maybe it would make my pain less..

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